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What Do
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Cash Backed:

Cashability backs your offer with 100% cash and guarantees the closing. You will have a cash commitment letter, but, you will secure financing before closing so that you don't have to use our Cash Close product.


  • Your offer can be presented as 100% cash with no financing contingency.
  • Guaranteed closing after all contingencies have cleared. If you can't close, Cashability will.
  • * Must be approved for as little as 3% down payment by a mortgage lender.
  • * Cashability takes just a 1% convenience fee to initiate.

Cashability Cash Backed takes just a 1% convenience fee


Cash Close:

Leverage the full power of cash - quick close, no financing contingency, and a smooth process! Cashability will purchase the home and sell it back to you for the same price.


  • Close in as little as 7 days
  • Move-in and rent for up to 45 days as soon as Cashability purchases the home while your refinancing is processing.
  • * Must be pre-approved for 5% (or greater) down payment by a mortgage lender.
  • * Cashability takes just a 3% convenience fee to initiate.

Cashability Cash Close takes just a 1% convenience fee

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Can I get my money back if it doesn't work?

We are so confident this program works that if your client does not have an accepted offer within 90 days and is unhappy with the program, we will FULLY REFUND ANY FEE PAID TO CASHABILITY! All that we ask is they have made at least one offer on a property the program in those first 90 days utilizing one of our programs.

Why is a cash offer better than a mortgage financed offer?

On average, a cash offer is 3-4x more likely to get accepted than a mortgage finance offer! Additionally, cash can often afford you a discount on the home.

Cash offers allow you to forgo the financing contingency. Therefore, the purchase agreement isn't contingent on your financing and the appraisal coming back satisfactory, giving the sellers the peace of mind they are looking for, especially in a situation when offers are going way above asking price. 

What are the risks for the Buyer?

In both programs, the buyer will need to get an appraisal. We do require the buyer to ultimately resolve any appraisal gap. If Cashability purchases the property before the appraisal happens the buyer will be responsible for the full appraisal gap.

Do you approve FHA, VA, 3% down conventional buyers?

Yes! These buyers can use our Cash Backed program and use the power of cash to secure the home and then close with their financing.

What is the max purchase price Cashability will approve?


Are there limitations on what types of properties Cashability approves?

Yes. We don't work these types of properties: Agricultural/vacant land, commercial
land/property, properties with perceived or known environmental concerns/hazards,
condemned property*, and homes requiring flood insurance*.

*Cashability may make an exception based on the specific circumstances of the subject property

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